Fabulous Maurienne

I had such a blast skiing with Clement and UpGuides in January and March 2018. Such a pleasure to deal with real pros : always safety first but also looking for the best spot and the best snow conditions available. When you get to ski in Bonneval sur Arc a steep couloir in the morning, big lines in fresh powder in the afternoon and go ski touring in the evening to reach the beautiful village L'Ecot, this looks like the perfect day to me ! Thanks everybody and see you next year !

- MARTINET Benoît, February 2020


Great week in Maurienne

Thank you for a great week in Val De Maurienne Fred. We really enjoyed the beautiful valley, the charming hotel and last but not least, great skiing and ski touring. This is a great concept, going to different locations throughout the week, depending on the conditions of the day. Lots of great skiing on the high mountain, in the forest and touring to remote areas. Also a good opportunity to learn from all the local knowledge of the guides. The guides got to know us and the we progressed with more challenging skiing each day (adapted to our abilities and whishes). We will be back. -Fredrik Bråten, March 2017

- Fredrik Bråten, March 2017

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Fantastic week :)

Thanks to Fred and Silvain for a fantastic week. Their good knowledge of the mountain and lead and mood made my week incredible. See you next year.

- Marius Løvli, march 2017

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An other great week in La Maurienne

Fred and your team made my wife hooked to randonne! Thanks to you all. The only negative remark is that you need to arrange a better connection with the natural snow machines/gods etc. See you again soon!

- Johan Bjugger, january 2020

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A fantastic week

Fred, thanks for a fantastic week. We have enjoyed it immensely. Despite the poor snow conditions we managed with your good knowledge to find decent snow. We did not really know what we expected when we signed up for this trip, but fell for the concept. And we can now fully subscribe to it. The combination of your in-depth knowledge about mountains in general and the area in particular and the “road-trip” characteristics where we go to different places depending on the conditions, is very compelling. On top of that we got a good insight into skiing French style with a good lunch in the middle of the day (already missing it). The flying with the micro light was a new and enjoyable experience, the Via Ferrata too. A special thanks also to JB and Victor for their good guiding in Sestriere and Val Thorens.

- Johan Mandelius, December 2014


Amazing week.

Hi Fred I want to thank you for the amazing week in Haute Maurienne. The setup for the week was very good and the service was excellent but most of all I had a lot of fun! Powder every day, I enjoyed every second of it. Maybe it's not the last time I visit your valley...

- David Benson, Februari 2014.


One of the best ski week ever.

Thank you guys for an awesome week! As a beginner it was not easy every single minute (ask Yoann...) but it was for sure a great pleasure and fun all the time! Skiing, far from all expectations, together with your passion to show and share the adventure with us, made this week one of the best ever on skis. You do a great great job! Until next time, I wish you all the best!!

- Carina Benson, Februari 2014


Hard to beat!

Hey Fred Thanks for a fantastic week with wonderful snow and great natural experiences. The ride was very varied and instructive, it will be hard to beat in the future. Have a great winter of skiing!

- Johan Arfwedson, Februari 2014


Powder every day!

Hello Fred! On behalf of my family and myself I would like to thank you and your team for a a truly wonderful week in Haute Maurienne. The service, accomodations, and meals were all great. But best of all was the skiing. Its safe to say we had high expectations, but these were by far exceeded. Powder every day! The real treat was the ski touring, both in the woods and in the high alpine terrain. It was a real eye opener regarding the challenge and high quality of the skiing. Finally, we all apprecated your, (and your teams), skills, patience, company and the friendly atmosphere. It was really fun! Can’t wait to go back!

- Peter Benson, Februari 2014


Our best ski experience ever.



Underbara dagar.



The best of the entire season !



A fabulous trip.



The best ski touring week !



Super powder

Bästa lössnöåkningen på 10 år!

- Erik Wallgren, December 2019


Fantastiska berg